Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form

This Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form can be used to transfer ownership of a car from one person to another. It is your responsibility to check with the proper authorities in your state to determine if this Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form is legally adequate for your purpose. Legal requirements vary from city to city, county to county, and state to state.

Louisiana Car Bill of Sale
Louisiana Car Bill of Sale

The Louisiana Car bill of sale Form normally includes the name and address of the person transferring the car, the name and address of the buyer, the amount for which the car is being sold, and a detailed description of the vehicle. In some cases the bill of sale is notarized, especially if required by law. When in doubt, have the form notarized.

To register a used car in the state of Louisiana you will need the following:

  1. Louisiana Vehicle Application
  2. Title from previous owner assigned to you
  3. Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form
  4. Valid form of identification

Louisiana allows you to report the a transaction in which you recently sold, donated, or traded a car. Your OMV record will be immediately flagged indicating the disposition of the vehicle. This vehicle will not be legally transferred until the new owner makes proper application for title.

In order to report your car as sold, donated, or traded, you need the following information:

  1. License plate number
  2. Expiration date (as shown on vehicle’s registration)
  3. Vehicle identification number
  4. Driver’s license number or company EIN (as shown on vehicle’s registration)
  5. Name and address of buyer
  6. Date sold, donated, or traded
  7. Selling price of vehicle (if applicable)
  8. The online form can be completed at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

Federal law requires that the seller disclose the mileage of a used car when being transferred to another person. Failure to disclose the actual mileage or misrepresenting the mileage may result in fines and/or imprisonment. Be sure the give the buyer a completed, accurate statement of the car’s mileage.

This Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form is available in both Microsoft Word and PDF. PDF is by far the more popular format.

Click the link below to download the Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form in either Word or PDF. You will need Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or an equivalent program to open and edit the document. You may also print the form as is and fill in the blanks by hand.

DOWNLOAD – Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form PDF

DOWNLOAD – Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form Microsoft Word

DOWNLOAD – Louisiana Car Bill of Sale Form Fillable PDF

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