FAA Bill of Sale Form

The FAA Bill of Sale Form can be used to transfer ownership of an aircraft from the Seller to the Buyer. This is the official FAA bill of sale form. It expires in 03/31/2024 and will undoubtedly be replaced with a newer version on or before that date.

FAA Bill of Sale Form
FAA Bill of Sale Form

This FAA Bill of Sale Form is available in both Microsoft Word and PDF. PDF is by far the more popular format.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bill of sale provided by the FAA is available only in PDF format. The Word version is a generic bill of sale for an airplane. If you want the authentic version, download the PDF.

Click the link below to download the FAA Bill of Sale Form in either Word or PDF. You will need Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or an equivalent program to open and edit the document.



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