If you’re looking for a free bill of sale form, you’ve come to the right website. We have over 50 different bill of sale forms. All of our bill of sale forms are available in Microsoft Word and PDF format, and can be printed directly from your browser. Print the bill of sale form, fill in the blanks, and you’re done!

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Since the bill of sale form is a legal document, we must state the obvious. The specific requirements for a bill of sale form vary from state to state. Since the events of 9/11/01, many states have imposed strict requirements on the bill of sale form for motor vehicles. It’s your responsibility to check with your state DMV to determine the exact information that’s required for a bill of sale form for a motor vehicle.

In general, a bill of sale is a receipt that specifies the item that is being transferred from the Seller to the Buyer. A bill of sale form for which you “fill in the blanks” is legal for most items. You cannot use a bill of sale to transfer ownership of real estate or a house. You cannot use a bill of sale to transfer ownership of an automobile if the car requires a title.

The bill of sale form is the most top searched legal document. A handwritten bill of sale might not seem much like a legal document, but technically it is! Receiving a bill of sale covers your butt in many ways. What if the item you purchased was stolen? Having that piece of paper could keep you out of jail. Without a bill of sale, the police might charge you with receiving stolen property. In some states, if you’re caught in possession of stolen property within 72 hours of the burglary, you could be charged with the burglary itself!

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When in doubt, ask for a bill of sale. If you purchase anything online from a third-party seller, you should definitely ask the seller to provide a bill of sale. If you’re a collector or hobbyist, you should already be in the habit of requesting a bill of sale. The receipt can be used as the tax basis for property you later resell at a profit.


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